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My Curly Hair Journey

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Hey! It's nice to meet "me" again! It's been, what? almost 20 years since I last saw myself with these curls? Wow. That long, huh! I remember always straightened my hair because it's what I used to, it's what I was told to do. God forbid if I left the house looking "like that". So for years, I kept straightening a.k.a damaging it only because "that hair" was "not pretty", "not polished" and "not professional enough".⁠

So, WHAT CHANGED? Why all of a sudden am I wearing my curls again? The answer is simple. I'm tired. I am tired of being someone I am not. I am tired of being frustrated at myself. I am tired of pleasing people who at the end of the day, don't give a damn if my hair is healthy, only straight. I am tired of not being honest with my community. I am tired of investing so much time hiding away my heritage and my roots...⁠⠀

And you know what? It's been liberating! I feel free, I feel brand new, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, I feel like I am levitating... I feel like I am in charge now. I feel powerful. I feel like this new crown was my destiny.⁠⠀

Now, this goes to YOU: To every girl who's debating whether to transition or not, to every girl who's having a hard time accepting her truth, to every girl who is tired just like I was. I SAY, DO IT! Be the curly hair queen you have always been destined to be.

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